Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seattle Weekly: We Blamed Wrong AR Governor

In a shocking admission, the Seattle Weekly concludes that Washington and national press have blamed the wrong Arkansas governor for the murder of four police officers in 2009. This is in response to the final installment in a series from the Seattle Times:

After Maurice Clemmons shot and killed four Lakewood police officers last November, the world went looking for someone to blame other than the gunman. It found Mike Huckabee, who made for a convenient target. But it turns out that the world, in all its infinite wisdom, had scapegoated the wrong Arkansas governor.

Thanks to the Seattle Times latest entry in the remarkable series on what led up to the shootings, we now know that if any elected official in Arkansas deserves some blame for Clemmons massacre it's not Mike Huckabee, whose only crime was to reduce the sentence of a teenager forced to serve 100 years for non-violent crimes, it's current Governor Mike Beebe.

Last summer, Clemmons was in jail for a number of felony charges, including child rape. His home state of Arkansas had issued a no-bail fugitive warrant, meaning he couldn't get out no matter how much money he offered.

As reported by Jonathan Martin and Ken Armstrong, Clemmons turned to someone he referred to his old lawyer Stephen Morley. To Clemmons, Morley was a "heavyweight" with the connections he'd need to get sprung. He was also a total sleaze.

A onetime traffic judge in North Little Rock, Morley had resigned from the bench in 1997 in the face of 26 disciplinary charges. Adultery accounted for two of the allegations: He was accused of cheating on one wife, getting a divorce, marrying the mistress, then cheating on her.

Morley was also accused of punching both wives in the stomach while they were pregnant.

Somehow, despite the pregnant-lady punching, Morley still had his hands in a number of important pockets. Including Gov. Beebe's liaison to the Arkansas parole system, who he referred to as his "real, real, real good connection" in the statehouse mansion.

Two weeks later, the no-bail warrant was dropped. And shortly thereafter, Clemmons posted bond.

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The question is: Will the national media pick up this development in the story?


  1. Why does ol' Huck hate the police? Why did he set that cop-killer free? Also, why did Huckster's son torture that poor dog?

  2. Anon at 11:09: Unless you believe Mike Huckabee owns a time machine, you need to check your facts. At the time of Huck's involvement in the Clemmons case, Clemmons had been sentenced to a century in prison for stealing a purse and cell phone. He became a cop killer many years later, after being repeatedly released by various officials after far worse crimes. Of course, you don't care about the facts, but many other people do. Go tell your lies somewhere else.

  3. Thanks for writing what many of knew but the national news media refused to print. Mike Huckabee's fault is that he could not foresee the future actions of Maurice Clemmons. He could only see the 100 plus years that he was sentenced for minor theft crime. Thanks again for clarifying this. I hope that the national news media will have the integrity to pick this up, but I'm not holding my breath!!!

  4. No governor or parole board can predict exactly what a prisoner will do upon release. In our justice system, people who commit crimes cannot all be put away for life. We simply do not have space in our prisons. Often prison life hardens criminal behavior, especially if the time is excessive for the crime.

    Governors in Arkansas are left with the difficult responsibility of reviewing these cases daily. Governor Huckabee did his job properly, recommending a reduction of an unreasonably long sentence. Governor Beebe, on the other hand, failed in his responsibility to protect the public by ignoring bail requirements.